Oliver & Nubia: The SureFeed microchip pet feeder!


Hi everyone,

(This post is also available in German by clicking here.)

Nubia here! Our parents got a super fun looking box the other day! 😀

It was even more intriguing after it came out of the brown cardboard box…


Nubia: Come on daddy open it up already I wanna see what it is! 😀


Nubia: Just making sure the box is empty… Yes that’s what I am doing. 😮


Nubia: Right so why is that bowl empty and sealed away??? 😦


Oliver: What are you doing here Nubia?

Nubia: Trying to figure out what our parents got us here. 😀

Oliver: A spaceship?

Nubia: Hmmm what good that be for us!

Oliver: Explore the galaxy?

Marc: Kids. It’s an automatic opening feeder for you two!

Oliver & Nubia: Ah!!! Let’s try it out.


Oliver: All snacks belong to me!


Nubia: NO! They belong to me too!!! 😀


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