Should you be exercising your face?

Is it healthful?

In our increasingly image obsessed society, more and more people are going under the knife, or having cosmetic injections to improve their appearance.  These procedures can be costly, have significant side-effects and in many cases look unnatural.  One little known therapy said to improve facial appearance is performing resistance exercises for the face. So, could facial exercises be a viable alternative to Botox, filler, or even cosmetic surgery?  Let’s ask science. What does the science say? A review paper analysed nine different scientific studies.  The studies analysed were on a small number of people and of a pretty poor quality, likely because facial exercises are not yet hugely popular.  However, of the nine studies analysed, every single one reported positive effects on appearance (1). Yay! Another review paper, although less structured then the previous paper, grossly reported facial exercises to decrease the appearance of wrinkles in several different studies…

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