Flourless Chocolate Fudge Cookies

Cakes The Biscuit

There are always some things from our childhood that we never grow out of. Whether that be a pet hate, phobias or our favourite places of foods. Sometimes we wish we could grow out of some of these things, they hinder us in our grown lives or they’re slightly embarrassing. Others on the other handstay with us for the rest of our lives allowing us to reminisce. One such childhood thing, which probably a lot of us share in common is cookies and milk.

Though I’m not that old, but old enough… Back when I was a child when it came to snacks, we didn’t have mini cheese, tubes of yogurt, or mini packs of Reece’s Pieces. A snack consisted of carrot sticks or an apple. Then on occasions my mother would make a fresh batch of cookies which I would relish with a glass of cold milk. Believe it…

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