How to make Soup Stock – Beef, Chicken, or Ham



A great stock is the base for a great soup. Buying store-bought stock or using stock cubes is ok when you’re in a hurry, and certainly more convenient.Ok, maybe its never ok to use stock cubes or store-bought stock for soup, that’s just clever marketing. So is store-bought stock tastier and healthier? I hope everyone knows that it’s not. Have you read the ingredients on the back of some of these stocks? Mostly unpronounceable words and additives, preservatives, lots of flavouring, not to mention the sodium content. It doesn’t take long to make a good tasting stock. The veggies are roughly chopped and thrown into the pot with the soup bones, you don’t have to watch it simmer for 4 hours, the hard parts done! Don’t even peel the carrots, the vitamins from the peels just add to the nutrients in your stock.  Some people roast their soup bones before they…

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