Blueberry and Lemon Mini Pound Cakes

Cakes The Biscuit

So summer is nearly over, you can now indulge yourself. There’s no need for bikini’s and crop tops. Winter is rolling around a little muffin top can easily be hidden under chic knitwear right? Thank goodness for that. In terms of fashion I have always been a fan of big chunky knitwear, which is hard to pull off in the heat of summer, so Autumn, or Fall to my American readers is one of my favourite seasons. It just gives you the excuse to indulge in richer foods without worrying that your going to have a food baby protruding from under your summer dress.

I’m on a bit of a lemon kick. Well the weather has just been dreadful the past couple of weeks, and I feel like we all need a little sunshine in our lives every now and again. Lemon when used correctly does just that. As autumn (or fall)…

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