100 Islands PH National Park Day tour

Scenic, beach, blue, nature, paradise, adventure and fun; those are just 7 words out of 100’s and more to describe the islands in one of the Philippines National Park in Alaminos, Pangasinan. Existing for about 2 million years the islands are actually ancient corals extended inlands in an area previously made up of seabed in the ancient seas. The lowering sea levels are causing the islands to be exposed; beautiful and splendid.

Got In:

  • Alaminos Terminal- Victory Bus Liner Northbound (Cubao Quezon City) 400php
  • Lucap Wharf- Tricycle 60 php
  • Island Hopping Daytour
  • Size| Pax Regular Service
    Small| 6 1000 1400
    Medium|10 1800 2500
    Large| 15 1500 2000

Did and Wandered:

  • Lucap Wharf Lighthouse
  • Sightseeing- Governors Island
  • Virgin Island Trekking
  • Climb, Dive, Exit, Swim and Repeat- Imelda Cave, Marcos Island
  • Snorkel with the Giant clams, Marine Sanctuary
  • Dine and Play, Quezon Island
  • Be prepared, be brave, jump off the boat, swim…

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