50s steel file drawers


50s steel file drawersThat’s not rust: that’s patina
steel file drawers, made in Australia 1950s

After a comment from Nannus on my last post -about rust being ‘patina’ -I have decided to go with that idea.

Here we have a great 50s file drawer, all in working order, with a little ‘patina’. Since this is an industrial item, the patina only adds to its cred. [That’s not rust : that’s patina!]

The inner file movements of the drawers are intact – as indeed are the pink catalogue cards. I’ve seen these old file drawers gussied up and re-spray painted – but they never have the same look; fresh paint somehow diminishes and homogenises them- they could have been produced yesterday.

How good would this look in your office – “I’ll just check the files, for you Ms. Smith” ; this piece has real 50s cred and is for sale [pick-up only; this thing…

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