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TACO could infect my cats with diseases they, as inside cats, otherwise aren't exposed to. He's one reason my boys are inside cats.I can’t remember the last time I saw Taco. Taco used to visit regularly to torment Louie at the back door through the screen when Louie was here. Louie was at least twice Taco’s size, so he wasn’t intimidated by this little guy, but they definitely were not buddies.

Taco liked to torment the boys, too, and visited the back door when they were there watching birds in the fir and apple trees. Andy and Dougy together never quite figured out Taco’s place in the realm of things. I think they always wanted to get to know him, but he was scary in his way. Witness the boys’ reaction to Taco in the video: 

Poor little Taco! He just existed in the neighborhood. People who supposedly “owned” him didn’t claim him, but a neighbor made sure he had food, water, and shelter on her deck. I never understood how anyone could…

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