STUDIO: The Mystique of the Artist Studio

love the TARDIS



The newest configuration of the home studio. Cameo appearance by Motorhead the cat.


This is a place where you can simply experience and bring forth what you are and what you might be.

-Joseph Campbell

What other professional’s workshop has the same aura as an artist’s studio? When the space dedicated to the creation of art is discussed, there could be some hyperbole involved; words like magical and sacred might be mentioned.

There are elements of surprise and reverence in the process of making art. But other important concepts of the working studio should not be overlooked: efficiency, comfort, and ultimately, enjoyment. Depending on the artist, most of the creative mystery happens internally, and is not generated by their location. What a studio needs to be is a place that best supports the realization of inspiration, and how that takes form is fascinating in itself.

Artists are resourceful, and…

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