Wednesday’s List: (More) Things kats hate 


Greetings Humans, Fleabags, and Fuzzballs! 😺 ☕

It’s time fur another one of my famous lists of things kats hate. We have a purrty long list, so you humans take notes!Pillows that mock us.Expecting us to sleep on dirty laundry. We don’t need to smell your stinky socks!😾Dumb dogs.Rules (Except fur ours).Dogs in our hot tub (or anywhere).When you drink your coffee before we get a chance to!Uncooperative fish. *tail FLAP!*When you don’t leave a mint (or treat) on our pillow! *Rude humans!*😾Not getting our target purractice.Rude comments about our yoga poses!😾

Purroblems getting our pizzas delivered.

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