Oliver & Nubia: Our latest Purrfect box unboxing fun!


Hello everyone,

It’s been a while since our two had a Purrfect box so we thought it was about time to get another one!

SONY DSC Nubia: Is this for me? 😀

SONY DSC Nubia: It Certainly looks like it is for me! It’s PINK but it has Oli’s name on it…

SONY DSC Nubia: Look at all those things!!!!

SONY DSC Nubia: What’s that? I can have this now!

SONY DSC Nubia: Let’s count the stuff 1, 2, 3, 4… never mind LOADS of things 😀

SONY DSC Oliver: I claim the feathery thing!!!!

SONY DSC Oliver: Or maybe this instead???

Time to assemble one of the toys… 😀

SONY DSC Nubia: It smells like a bird! And its glittery. Woohoo!!!

SONY DSC Nubia: Omg! So fluffy – this is all mine. 😀

After many hours of exploring our two were finally tired out and Nubia decided that the box has other perfect uses rather than sending stuff in it. 😉

SONY DSC Nubia: My new “purrfect” bed muahaha 😀

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