Purrsday Poetry: Angel Cat by Patricia Carragon


Hi everyone,

Today’s Purrsday Poetry post comes from Patricia Carragon.

Angel Cat
(for Kat)

Two shining stars, like jewels from winter’s sky,
all matched her eyes of bluest gray. A stray
cat made her home beneath a car and she
was quiet. People, too involved with thoughts,
never saw those rare jewels from winter’s sky—
the angel cat that lived beneath a car.
She’d sit and watch a scene of passing legs–-
her face was like a mask that’s carved from snow.
She wore two pairs of mittens and a bib
that’s made from soft white fur to keep her warm.
The cat was quiet, yet hungered for love,
until I looked at her and saw her eyes—
the shining stars that glowed beneath the car.

I walked over to the cat and offered
my hand to greet her. The angel cat came
beside me, trusting me to take…

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