Cat Sweaters and More Starring Angel’s Eyes


Hello again,

Here’s the Surprise you have been waiting for. Brand New Sweater made by Caleigha Starchild they are handmade crochet and made with Love..


The sweaters are very soft and light weight that you don’t even know it’s on.


Here’s what the back looks like on this one. ..


They also comes in almost any color you want. ..Just ask. ..


Here’s a better view how it fits me. I think this one is one of my favorite! Purr.


These can be ordered through Caleigha email I’ll have here email address at the end of this review for you. The sweaters prices are $20


Here’s is just some of the colors that she has made.


Wait…. Don’t stop reading now there’s more to show you.  Here’s a Baby Cocoon that she can also make in variety of colors. Pricing  $25


Also s cute baby hats and mittens.  Ahaa…they are…

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  1. Oh my FLEAS! I love how adorable you look in your little sweaters!! I want a pink one!!!!😺


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