Purrfect Petting Stands

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P1120268Yesterday, after posting about Purrseidon and Mr. M’s self-petting station, a follower told me that these things can actually be purchased, so if you don’t have time or the desire to make one, you can get one ready-made. <who knew!> By clicking on the 2nd link, you will go to Amazon, where they sell these ready-made and call them Purrfect Arch Groom Toy. I am sure that these are sold all over, and I’m just dense for not having noticed that they could be purchased, previously.

BTW, Mr. M still hasn’t gotten the hang of using the self-petting station… and this is why I mention Purrseidon so much more than our dear old lazy-bones. Purrseidon is always eager try new things…. sometimes a bit too eager, when it comes to new ways to get wet. In the case of the new self-petting station, once she heard that it was…

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