Enhancing the Giant Egotistical Cat

Catwoods Porch Party

Bud the Cat, with Splashy Sunlight Bud the Cat, with Splashy Sunlight

Starring, Mighty Bud, my purrtector during these difficult times. He’s a large, deep sable brown and white tuxie. His great arcing whiskers and grass green eyes came from his mother Anna, now passed on. She’s pictured in the website banner, above. After I told him, “These techniques will show you off even more”, he agreed to head the household committee on photo editing. Not that he really needs a boost to his already uh, robust sense of self-worth.

Most of my photos aren’t edited. The main exceptions are the ones I’ve used the brush tool to ‘paint’. Described in this post: https://catwoodsporchparty.wordpress.com/2014/04/21/brightening-cat-photos-with-added-color/

Photo editing adds another dimension of artistry, and almost everyone uses it. Since I came late to computers, I’m an absolute novice at it. Now the husband is slowly infusing my head with techniques I didn’t know the old editing program could…

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