Good morning, humans 😺


I just realized that last night I never did today’s post (oops)…

But it’s the human’s fault….no, REALLY!

You see, human #2 had to have two purrceedures done at the Dr.’s office yesterday (at the same time)- and he was knocked out fur them -and it took a long time.

And then it took even looooonger fur him to wake up enough to talk to the doctors and get dressed!

All the while I was here wondering why the human was there with him instead of here pampering me!😾

And then,…When they finally DID come home, the human had her paws full taking care of him – Flippin human! *tail FLAP!*😾

She did eventually feed me (a whole 15 MINUTES after they got home – can you BELIEVE IT)!?

And she did (try) to love on me and brush me once he was okay – but I wasn’t having…

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