Flawed Perfection


Sleepy Computer Cat
Lola is our youngest cat. The little girl. The first we got (with her sister Maisi) when we began living together.

She’s far from being a perfect cat. She yells a lot, driving her daddy crazy. Sometimes she yells to let us know she’s hungry. Sometimes when she gets the food she’ll sniff it, have a little lick and then go and lie down to sleep.

Other times she yells for attention. Only thing is she goes hyper and runs away if we try to give her the attention, so it leads to quite the merry game of chase. Of course when she is eventually “caught” she will collapse in a soppy pile of fur and purrs.

On The MicrowaveAnd then there are the times that she yells just to hear the sound of her own voice. Our new flat has a glassed balcony which is quite echoey. On the few occasions she’s been…

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