A hybrid of Hunger Games and Amazing Race. This best explains my traveling in and out of Bacolod City for the Masskara Festival 2015 over the weekend. All because I live for stupid.

Pure luck pulled me through this challenge, but as with any excruciating experience, a growth spurt follows. As a traveler, I am incredibly proud of myself for making it, enjoying Masskara Festival through it all, and not dying.

The details of this harrowing tale I will feed you in another post. The point is Masskara Festival is still awesome despite the massacre that is coming in and going out of the island.

All the colors from the shit spectrum of the unicorn are here. It is insane how grand this festival is. The costumes, the colors, the vibe – the people of Bacolod has something beyond fantastic going on for them.

If you get the chance, visit…

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