The Evil White Cat

Jeanne Foguth's Blog

P1080864-2Since the weather is cooler, we had all windows open. Purrseidon was in the dining room sulking in the window sill, when  I heard a low growl…. I suspecting she was arguing with Mr. M since both just been flea dipped and ear mite treated and so they were grumpy.  I walked into the room  to settle their disagreement, but saw white cat flying at my screen and is tried  to attack Purrseidon! As the evil white cat hit the screen, my poor baby “fell” off the ledge and laid flat on the floor for a second before she army-crawled under a chair.   I jumped and screamed, which set Saphera barking. off and that hirrid cat ran off.
I slammed down the window, and Purrseidon put  her paws on it to peek out, then went into hiding in her crate and apparently intends to stay there.P1080688
I love nearly all cats but this one I want to…

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