Tuesday: As the tummy rumbles 


Greetings humans! ☕️

Most of you humans don’t seem to realize that just like you, we kats get grumpy when we’re hungry – (in case you were wondering, that’s not good fur your health).

I also just want to give you a furiendly reminder that we have our “ways” of getting what we want (just sayin’)…

Need I go on?

And, we like a lot of the same things you humans like… Eggs, fur example –

And of course, pizza…

And in case you haven’t noticed, all kats love bacon!

And QUIT with the flippin force fields, will ya?

And don’t even try to fool us – we know the real thing when we see it!!

Speaking of ‘the real thing…’ *(licks chops)*

So, you’ve been warned – that if you furget to feed us, you never know where we’ll pop up…

Or the lengths we’ll go to –


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