Post 935: Unh oh! It’s “kitties to the groomer day” again!

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It’s almost time to round up Andy and Dougy to take them to the groomer for their bi-monthly grooming session. 

I’ve taken the usual precautions: 1. I haven’t put on clothes they know I wear outside the house, 2. I’ve closed all the bedroom doors to prevent under-the-bed escapes, 3. I’ve tried to follow normal routines, like getting on the computer right off, to reduce the chances the boys will get suspicious.

Andy is suspicious anyway...!Andy is suspicious anyway…!

Catching the first cat usually is simple. It’s that second capture that usually stresses out the cat and me: You don’t have to draw pretty picture for the second scat to figure out there’s a carrier trip — it doesn’t matter where — in his future, and he will take an even stealthier approach to capture.

Wish me luck!


I easily captured Andy over by the cat fountain. Silly boy! He practically…

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