At 20 ft., the cliff jumping point in Tangadan Falls in San Gabriel, La Union is the highest I have ever dropped in. So far. Last summer I did a 10 ft. one in glorious Bagac, Bataan. I was more scared of that one. First time jitters.

Of course, 20 ft. is still serious but no drama. I find I do not mind falling. It is easy. Just stand on the edge and take the fall. To hell I must go. No matter what happens you will hit the water. Eventually

There is a higher drop at 40 ft., at the top of the actual falls. However, I did not judge it safe to jump. Crowds swimming below, plus there are rafts.

I was not sure how to clear it in my mind. Hard to take the fall without conviction so maybe next time.

Actually, forget it. The…

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