Thumbprint Cookies


I made another successful dessert. I’m sort of on a roll here, eeeep! Sorry for the excitement, I just didn’t know I had a hidden dessert making talent.

First, a special thanks to my mini chef Saira who helped me through this recipe. I truly couldn’t have done it without you sister!

Now back to the story behind these cookies. I’ve always loved thumbprint cookies with the jam fillings. It’s sort of my childhood favorite. So, initially, when I thought of making cookies for myself these were the cookies I wanted to try.

This recipe happened to combine two childhood memories for me, thumbprint cookies and watching Emeril Lagasse. I’m originally from NOLA so having a recipe from a local favorite was a must in my recipe books.

You can find the full original recipe for Emeril’s thumbprint cookies here.

I just tweaked my recipe to fit my taste pallets more. Either…

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