Dr. Catsby at your Service


20160116_094824I’m not really Dr.Catsby , but I want to show you and tell you about Dr. Catsby today. Dr. Catsby is a great company that makes unique cat bowls that help with stress. Did you know we can have whisker stress? Well it is very true. Dr. Catsby is a medical expert renowned in the field of Whiskerology.

20160116_094823 Dr. Catsby bowl has a unique design to help with Whisker stress. If you don’t know what Whisker stress is I’ll share what I know about it.

When our whiskers are forced into close contact with the sides of our bowls,
it can get extremely painful. And that’s why we don’t always finish our food.
Not necessarily because it’s the wrong food… 
but because it’s the wrong bowl.

20160113_122839 This bowl has a great design stainless steel bowl that is wide and shallow and easy to clean.  It also comes with a mat so the bowl stays in…

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