Three Words


One thing about the acting business is that you’ve always got to be on your feet.

Ready for anything. Able to improvise at the drop of a hat.

Especially during auditions.

This past Saturday I had, probably one of the best auditions of my life. It was for the lead in a TV pilot.

I got the scene two days before and I just rehearsed the crap out of the thing. Knew it cold, frontwards, backwards and sideways. I was going to nail it. I was prepared.

But there was one thing at the audition I wasn’t quite prepared for:

“What are three words that best describe you?”


Uuuhh…Three words. Come on, BBB, you’ve been doing this silly little exercise since kindergarten. Just THINK OF SOMETHING.

And I mean, I did. Gracefully. I think I managed to rattle off something like, “I love to have fun.” “I’m…

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