Mews: Ardnamurchan scottish wildcat ‘safe haven’ set up


Wildcat (Felis silvestris), juvenile in winter, jumpingHi everyone,

After a previous post on wild cats in Europe (you can find this one here) we actually did some research to find out if there any of those left in the UK and there are! We found the below article on Wildlife Extra:

A Scottish wildcat sanctuary has been created on the Ardnamurchan and Sunart peninsula on Scotland’s west coast in a bid to save the endangered species, which experts believe could number as few as 35.

The species is threatened from hybridising with domestic cats, and to help alleviate this threat all domestic and feral cats in the area have been neutered over the last five years.

“Cats of any kind are notoriously difficult to survey,” said the project scientific adviser, Dr Paul O’Donoghue, of the University of Chester.

“However, over the last six months we’ve really saturated the area with live traps, cameras, vets…

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