(More of) Shrimp’s Rules fur the discerning Kat


Greetings humans, fleabags and fuzzballs!😺 ☕️

Springtime always brings new litters of kittens, and someone has to teach them how to be a respectable Kat.

So, since kittens everywhere look up to cute little me as the Purrfect example of kathood, I’m reviewing some of my most important rules this week. Take notes!😺

Rule #1: (Book 1) Make sure they know WHO rules.

Rule #2: (Book 16)Don’t let them even THINK of giving you a bath!

Rule #3: (Book 2)Sniff out the good stuff.

Rule #4 (Book 333)Keep the claws sharp at all times – there are CREATURES EVERYWHERE!🙀

Rule #5 (Book 2) When the humans leave you alone, that’s their cue fur you to bring all your pals over fur dinner. They won’t mind. And don’t worry about the mess – they need the exercise! 😹

Rule #6 (Book 20) Insist on the best.

Rule #7…

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