Boys Will Be Boys


Boys Will Be BoysWe’re rapidly getting closer to the anniversary of Sampson moving to live with us here in Finland. It was 8th May last year that he finally got to us. That just happens to be his birthday. And Elvis’s too!

Elvis is the older of the two. He’ll turn eleven on this coming birthday, whilst Sampson will be seven.

The relationship between Elvis and Sampson is a little bit rocky. Whilst I’ve known them both to be very cuddly with other cats before (Elvis with our foster kittens, Sampson with his friends back in England) they’ve not yet got to the stage that they are willing to snuggle up together.

That saddens me because I know they both love a good kitty-snuggle.

Boys Will Be Boys 2But there is hope. Once in a while they will get along. They’ll sleep near to each other, if not right next to each other. They’ll exchange nose kisses…

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