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11998273_10204871145274429_2026017874_n.jpgIf you’ve followed this blog for a while,  you know Purrseidon and Mr. M are testers for Cat-a-bliss catnip blends, which should become available to the public within a few weeks. I was initially very surprised how enthusiastic they  were about these tests … Purrseidon had never shown any preference for catnip – her favorite dry toys are balls, which she plays kitty soccer with and her water-activated fishy for the tub. (I did not include my ladder, since she doesn’t play with it – she defends it.)

Mr. M has never been interested in ‘nip, either… At least he wasn’t until Kiara, who lives a few miles away, dropped the first samples off. Suddenly, instead of being ‘Mr. Phantom’, he wound around our ankles, as if he was ‘Mr. Sociable’… I initially thought this was an anomaly,  then another friend, who is a tester reported that her furbabies opened the envelope before she…

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