Cat Travel: Kattenstoet – Ypres Cat Festival


As Big Ben struck midnight on NYE, and people focused on their new year’s resolutions, I had but one thing on my mind and that was my long awaited trip in May to the Kattenstoet (Festival of The Cats) in Ypres, Belgium. I first stumbled across the Kattenstoet website in 2013 when researching the history of the cat in medieval times. I’d never heard of the festival before, which was unusual for me; quirky cat related events normally catch my attention sooner or later but this one had remained under my feline fixated radar. Looking through the details of the festival it dawned on me that my patience would be stretched to its limits. The event is a three yearly one and I had just missed it!

The festival is one devoted to the cat but with a sinister backdrop. Ypres was a city known for cloth making with the cloth stored in the cities tower ready for their annual fair. Cats…

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