Meet Amelia

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Stephanie Beavers, a fellow fantasy author and WANA member told me about Amelia, who  is the cat in the photo above and believe it or not,  Kiara from Cat-a-bliss also sent me a link to Cats ahoy! Kitten sails around the world having the time of her life about Amelia. With three links to her story,  I knew that I needed to tell you about Amelia, the link above and Buzfeed one below have more photos of Amelia and her human crew, Clark, who claims that Amelia is the first mate… I suspect Amelia is actually the admiral, but enjoys humoring her human with the idea she is only crew 😉

Buzzfeed Gives a lot more photos of Amelia enjoying the boating life.

Yahoo gives the backstory – “the past ten years, while Clark has been making her way around the globe on a Cal 40 sailboat (40 feet) she borrowed from…

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