2 Dog Stories + 3 Good Ideas

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This post includes a short story of a dog in Milan that uses the bus to go to and from the park; a service dog that not only helps his human, but another blind dog; and the 3 good ideas are: simple way to control water-bowl mess; DIY tic repellent; and 10 natural remedies to control ants.


Now for the first good idea – why didn’t I think of this?!?

Great idea!!2.jpg

What with everything that I’ve heard about lyme disease, using this simple formula could save pets and their humans a lot of problems:


Okay, this last one is in Spanish, which I imagine some of you can read – in case you can not, I’ll provide a translation at the end:


10 Remedies against Ants (note: the Spanish word for ants and termites is the same thing)

  1. a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water put into a sprayer.
  2. Ground cloves

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