Guest Post: Cats Have Purrsonality!


Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Lynn Patra, a researcher and writer whose background is in psychology.

There’s a common misconception that cats don’t have personality or even emotions. One look at Scratch disproves this as he’s one cool cat who’s always down for a good time. “I’m but a wee lil’ leprechaun! Where’s me beer?” says Scratch.

St Patricks Day

Don’t worry. He only gets cat-appropriate food, treats, and drinks. However, beware of his attitude! Scratch shows off his spirit all year round. Here’s Hoodcat Santa roaming the streets again. “Sup!” says Scratch.


Scratch is great about making his wishes known and trying to get his way, but he always does so in a way that shows off his great sense of humor. Here he says, “You can forget about making it on time for that test if I don’t see my food bowl filled, and I mean to the BRIM!”

Even unadorned, supermodel Scratch loves the camera…

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