Oliver & Nubia: The Charley and Billie Cat Scratcher


Hi everyone,

It’s Nubia here! Today we would like to show you this great Cat Scratcher from Charley and Billie!


Nubia: As you can see the first thing my brother thought was “How do I get up there”

Oliver: What’s wrong with that???

Nubia: Nothing! Just saying. 😉


Oliver: But I want to get up there! :O

Nubia: Let me show you how it’s done silly brother!


Nubia: Stretch upwards!


Nubia: Pick a good location and start SCRATCHING. 😀


Nubia: Now swap to the other side!

IMG_2441Nubia: Focus ALL of your energy in one singly paw strike!!!

Oliver: You are only saying that because you can’t use two!

Nubia: Meany! Of course not! It’s just much more effective. :p


Oliver: OMG!!!! Look there are treats up there!!! How am I going to get to them!

Nubia: Will Oliver die of starvation? Will he throw me up there to get them for…

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