Mews: Tama the stationmaster cat has passed away


Hi everyone,

While this comes as sad news we would also like to point out that Tama managed to reach the great age of 16 in cat years making her a good 80 years in human years!

Tama was born in 1999 at which point the Kishi Station was still managed by Nankai Electric Railway. The cute Calico was taken in by the station’s employees, they even setup a little house for her next to the main office.

ad_173453901 Tama held the role since 2007 (Picture: Getty Images) In 2006 the Nankai Electric, and thus Kishi Station, was absorbed by Wakayama Electric Railway. At this point Tama’s caretakers made a direct request to Wakayama Electric’s president, Mitsunobu Kojima, that the station’s new owners continue to allow the kitty to live on the premises. Kojima did them one better by promoting Tama to stationmaster.

Given how many people in Japan love animals…

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