Post 893: happy kitty, new box…and a fly, too!

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A new development: a fly got in the house. Boy oh boy! The kitties are in hunt mode now, swatting at the fly when it flies by, performing amazing acrobatic leaps into the air, and generally getting lots of healthy exercise, something inside pampered kitties can always use more of!


The boys’ favorite people are delivery people, especially those who leave boxes. Such a person visited yesterday, and Dougy quickly claimed his new box!

Woohoo! A new box for Dougy!Woohoo! A new box for Dougy!

Andy is unhappy because he didn't claim the box first...Andy is unhappy because he didn’t claim the box first…but there always is the fly!

“Tough stuff, brother! I was here first!”

Dougy doses in the luxury of his new box: Dougy dozes in the luxury of his new box: “Life is good!” he thinks, “And it doesn’t have to get better than this!”

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